What if you had a set of keys that unlock God's provision in your life? 


Discover how to step into God's provision in 5 days

5 days of live training, prophetic equipping & strategy

God wants to give you His keys to unlock His provision in your life:

  • get God's master key that generally unlocks the door to His provision in your life
  • know 5 specific doors you need to open for His provision to come to you
  • learn how to get specific blueprints & strategies from God
  • learn how to practically step into what God has for you from a place of rest & trust
  • shift FROM striving, worrying & reacting TO resting, receiving & reigning

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Unlocking Your Financial Breakthrough

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Starting on Thursday, February 11th, 2021

  • Live & interactive online workshop
  • 5x 60-90 minute live sessions - watch live or on replay (all sessions will be recorded)
  • 1x live & interactive Zoom Q&A session
  • private Facebook group
  • 4-week access to all content

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Dear passionate, kingdom-minded entrepreneur & pioneer

What if you could keep doing what God has called you to do without having to sacrifice your time, energy, focus and convictions for the sake of money?

This is the real challenge I think you are currently facing:
  • You have committed your life to doing God's will & have said 'yes' to doing it His way
  • You have a clear sense of God's specific calling on your life & have spent years pressing into what God has for you
  • Over the past few months, you've really felt God draw you closer and call you to step out
  • You feel like you have trusted God, have held onto the promises / words He gave you, and have been faithful with what God told you to do 
  • Recently, however, it's begun to feel like you've done all you could do, you've put in lots of work, and things still aren't happening
  • You may even have started to question what's going on because...

You haven't experienced your breakthrough yet. You want to keep doing what God has called you to do but you have very real needs and responsibilities and, frankly, you need money! And it's getting harder to stay hopeful...


First of all... I want to encourage you to keep going - you are right on the verge of your breakthrough & transition! Secondly... God is about to do something amazing for you - He wants to GIVE YOU a financial blueprint & strategy!

Over the past 9 months, God has taken me on an incredible journey into my promised land - in all areas of my life. God has gone before me in every way, providing people, strategies, and resources. 
I have experienced deeper levels of love, trust and intimacy with Him and my family. I've been able to be there for my family, and grow closer to them. 


God gave me specific strategies which unlocked His provision so that I could serve the people I am called to serve full-time! He even connected me to them!

But, right now, I'm also in another season of transition and place of personal (financial) need, looking & waiting for my next financial breakthrough. I know God has already stored it up for me...


Now, God has given me a specific set of keys, but they are not for me alone, they are for us.

Here's what I believe - God has already gone ahead of you too and stored up provision for you to step into. All you need are His keys...


I want to give you the keys God has given me so that we can unlock His provision in our lives together!


Join us as we step into God's financial breakthrough and His provision for us! 

In your corner & here for you,
James & Shari

Meet your Breakthrough Accelerators

James Bierbrauer


Prophetic Business Strategist

Breakthrough Accelerator

Kingdom Coach & Cornerman

Shari Shoemaker

Prophetic Coach 

Practical Strategist




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If you sign up for the Unlocking Your Financial Breakthrough challenge today and you're not happy with my / our delivery and / or the suggested action steps over the next 60 days, just send me an email to james@blueprintsacademy.com and I will refund the full amount, no questions asked.