Purpose & Calling Facilitator

James Bierbrauer is an experienced trainer, coach and consultant specialised on helping people know, implement and sustain their individual God-given purpose & calling.

James is the founder of Blueprints Academy and serves as a personal Implementation Coach & Consultant for private clients and entrepreneurs. 

Since 2010, James has dedicated his life to discovering God's BLUEPRINTS - the revelation of the Father's will & heart for specific aspects of life - and applying these foundational truths and principles to specific individuals, situations and problems.


Building on these BLUEPRINTS, James pioneered a comprehensive business training programme for aspiring Christian micro-entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa, called FOUNDATIONS4BUSINESS, and trained approx. 300 individuals in South Africa and Zimbabwe on how to launch, grow and sustain a business according to God's heart.


At the same time, James formulated & implemented the BUSINESS FOUNDATIONS approach to sustainable, kingdom-focused business development with several small to medium-sized businesses in South Africa.


Since 2020, James has concentrated his focus on helping FAITH PIONEERS - those who feel called to do something very specific and break new ground with God - to know, implement and follow through with God's specific, distinct and custom-designed calling on their lives.

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"I am here to help you implement & sustain your unique calling..."

Regardless of what life has taught you - you don't have to stand or fight alone. While you may have a pioneering calling on your life which requires you to be able to stand alone and hold your ground for God, His kingdom and His children, that doesn't mean that you won't have people in your corner who have your back.

More than being a coach, I am in your corner. I have your back. That's what God has prepared me for. That's who I am. I am here for you - dedicated and committed to seeing YOU succeed & win!