Strengthen, grow & develop your business + advance God's kingdom by connecting to God's purpose for your business with Kingdom blueprints

  • Build a successful business that profitably generates wealth AND looks after its people well
  • Target the right customers for you with your unique promise
  • Strengthen your business' market relevance & position
  • Unlock the power & potential of your team
  • Permanently resolve people-related issues & drive up staff / customer satisfaction
  • Drive up business performance
  • Get clear vision & direction for your business
  • Make small, inexpensive changes for fast, lasting & life-changing results
  • Take the pain out of change for you & your team



The Business + Kingdom Challenge 


A little biography (of sorts):

  • I have dedicated the last 10 years of my life to discovering, living & teaching God’s will, purpose & heart for business – and for you as a business leader.
  • I love & live to see business leaders - YOU - connect to God's heart & purpose for them / YOU.
  • I believe that God has given me something incredibly valuable which has the potential to change not just your business, but your entire life.
  • I have developed powerful materials and taught these to aspiring micro-entrepreneurs in South Africa and Zimbabwe – all in submission to local church leadership and personal spiritual fathers / mentors.
  • At the same time, I ran my own business as a Kingdom Business Strategist for Christian Business Owners of small to medium-sized businesses in South Africa for 5 years.
  • I have held corporate jobs in the UK and worked for fast-growing young companies in Germany, learning to walk in integrity + hold the line for King & Kingdom.
  • I am a member of the 100X Academy, the #1 online community for faith-based entrepreneurs, an active member of its community and under the mentorship of its leader, Pedro Adao.

About James Bierbrauer

Son. Husband. Father. Kingdom Entrepreneur.

Living life on purpose & in freedom, according to God's blueprints. 

Happily married to Ann-Katrin, proud dad to our little boy Ragnar. Currently reside in the south of Germany, right in the Alps. 


I am passionate about large-scale business change & transformation.

What does that mean?


I am seriously passionate about seeing business leaders live a life of purpose, meaning, freedom, passion & fulfilment. 


I want to see business leaders connect to God's purpose for their lives & businesses and to help business leaders transform their businesses into powerful Kingdom businesses that are economically relevant and have a life-changing impact in their spheres of influence. 


My promise to impact-driven, people-focused, Kingdom-minded business leaders:


LIFE. Living In Freedom Everyday.

FREEDOM is the ability to be exactly who God created you to be, living free from any inner pressure or constraint, and being full of purpose, meaning, joy, energy, vision, drive & determination. It means living a highly productive life filled with & guided by practical, hands-on, life-changing love. All from a place of rest, of having to do nothing, but getting to do everything. 

Live Challenges

  • Get clear on HOW to transform your business
  • Start developing a clear strategy & action plan
  • Connect to purpose

Get clear on where you want to go in a very short space of time with time-bound, highly-interactive, ground-breaking Live Challenges.


My challenges establish the Why, What & How of your business, connect you to purpose and give you vision & direction for your (immediate) future - both in business & personally. 


  • Personal Prophetic Blueprint - Connect to your personal, Kingdom, entrepreneurial & business purpose
  • Point of Maximum Impact - Connect your business to your ideal customers for maximum relevance & engagement
  • Strategic Kingdom Business Accelerator - Ensuring your business' sustainable success

Refocus and realign your business in accordance with God's unique purpose for you and secure your business' success with the Kingdom Business Blueprint. 

An Intensive is a short, high-impact workshop (usually 8-12 weeks) with the main outcome of achieving immediate results in response to existing problems in a very short space of time with minimal pain or investment. 

Custom Consulting

  • Personal Prophetic Blueprint - Connect to your personal, Kingdom, entrepreneurial & business purpose
  • Point of Maximum Impact - Connect your business to your ideal customers for maximum relevance & engagement
  • Strategic Kingdom Business Accelerator - Ensuring your business' sustainable success
  • Blueprint Consulting - Accelerate your business growth & development in alignment with God's kingdom purposes

Take your business to the next level by connecting it to God's purpose & promise for you. Build a business that is sustainably successful at loving people well by generating true value and taking care of your family & employees.


Benefit from personal prophetic guidance & counselling to ensure you get 

  • Radical clarity on your personal & business purpose 
  • Super-focused vision & direction for your business 
  • Connected to your ideal customers around your Definite Value Proposition & Collective Promise Power 
  • Connected to your team through your inspirational, motivating & visionary leadership


Jonathan Randall

Such a pleasure to have gotten to work with Jonathan & his wife Lindsey. Amazing couple with a huge destiny and future. Jonathan & Lindsey signed up to my 10-week Business Foundations Intensive to strengthen existing business vision & direction. Over the ultimately 12-week period God restored & reconnected Lindsey & Jonathan to a much larger life purpose & vision.

"Now is your moment to connect to purpose"

You believe in God's plan for your life and know that He has a bigger purpose for you and your business. You want to run a successful business AND make a difference in people's lives. Ultimately, you want to be part of what God is doing and advance His kingdom.

Then get in touch to grab hold of the the #1 principle & shortcut breakthrough key to unlocking lasting change & transformation in your business - and every other area of your life.